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About James

James is an artist, writer and lover of wild things. He has been an editor, art director, designer, animator, dramatist and all-round creative. He is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts. 

James’ art has featured in galleries, on book and magazine covers, and on stage sets. His writing has been published in many literary journals and magazines as well as publications like National Geographic and The Scotsman. He has been interviewed about his work several times on BBC radio as well as by academic institutions. He has done many talks and readings at universities and galleries.

About the bookshop

We stock a small but comprehensive selection of new and secondhand titles by well known writers, illustrators, photographers and artists. We currently have the full set of Little Toller Press nature classics as well as award-winning titles, works from American writers, Folio Society classics, picture books, guide books and photography books. The stock is being added to all the time.


Our ethic

River Wood exists to inspire our connection with nature and wild places through creative work and practice.